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The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


We hope that everyone is settling back into school routines nicely and enjoying their learning. We are really enjoying teaching them.



We will update this Year 3 page of the school website regularly


We will aim to update this page regularly with information and photos etc. We will let families know via Class Dojo whenever there are updates to this Year group page.



Introducing the Year 3 teaching team


Every member of the Year 3 teaching team is thoroughly enjoying teaching the children and getting to know them.


Miss Dyer – Hawthorn Class

Mr Thomas – Poplar Class


PPA cover on Wednesdays – Miss Bridson and Mrs Powell


Learning Support Assistant – Miss Wood


Reading update posted on this page on Friday 10th September.



We (Miss Dyer and Mr Thomas) have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of allocating books colours and books to the children this week. It is not an ‘exact science’ and we hope the children enjoy the book that they are reading. We particularly hope that 95% or more of the words that they are reading in their books are readable. Do let us know if you think the book colour that your child has been allocated is too easy or too hard and we will look at with your child.


We encourage the children to read daily at home (ideally for ten minutes per day) and we hope that they really enjoy this.


We are not using paper reading records this year. We are moving to using an app which looks fantastic! We hope to ‘roll out’ this app shortly so please watch this space. In the meantime, please enjoy the love of reading with your children.


If your child is reading green, blue, orange, turquoise, purple or non-fiction gold books, please can they read the book 3 times. This is a new development in reading as research suggests that reading the same book three times (or more) before moving on to a new book really helps a child’s decoding, fluency and comprehension.


We suggest that the first time they read the book is used to decode and discuss unfamiliar words. The focus for the second time the child reads the book can then be fluency and expression as they will (hopefully) be more familiar with the words. The third read can then be used to discuss the book and, if possible, ask your child some questions about the books and discuss it to help their comprehension. We hope this makes sense and helps.


If you have any questions, please let us know via Dojo or pop to see us after school.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Miss Dyer and Mr Thomas

The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith


During the first two weeks of term both schools will be enjoying whole school projects and learning based on the book ‘The fox and the star’ by Coralie Bickford-Smith.






The love of reading is a wonderful thing and if your child would like to bring a book from home to read in school, they are more than welcome to. During the first days of term we will listen to each child read and provide them a reading book and update their Pearson Bug Club books. Here is the link for Bug Club and passwords have stayed the same for this year. Each child will have a reading book by Friday 10th September.





Indoor PE - Monday - Dance

Outdoor PE - Thursday - Football


On PE days please can the children wear their PE kits to school on PE days. Here is a link to our school uniform policy .


PE and Forest Schools from week 2 (Monday 13th September)


Year 3 are very lucky that we will be doing Forest schools with Miss Fiore every Wednesday. Poplar Class will do Forest Schools before the October half term then Hawthorn Class will do Forest Schools after half term.


A letter will be sent to families with more information about Forest schools on Wednesday 8th September and then Poplar Class’ first Forest Schools session will be on Wednesday 15th September. Hawthorne Class’ first Forest School session will be the first Wednesday after the October half term which is Wednesday 3rd November.


The Forest School weekly session will be one of the PE lessons for the class for the week therefore Poplar’s PE days will be Monday (indoor PE) and Wednesday (Forest Schools) until October half term.


Hawthorn Class will do PE on Mondays (indoor PE) and Thursdays (Outdoor PE) until the October half term.



Children are invited to bring in one small pencil case. However this is not essential as resources will be provided.


Times Tables


This is a wonderful aspect of schooling and we will have lots of fun learning these together. Regular practise and review helps keep skills sharp.


There are many different ways of learning and remembering times tables such as quizzes, counting in the times table, web-based games and apps including Times Tables Rockstars (each child has a username and password to access) and in a rote format.




Both schools are implementing a new and exciting way of learning spellings this year that will focus on children building a love of words and spelling patterns. More information will be sent to families about this so watch this space…


In Year 3 this year, our exciting History & Geography topics will be:

Autumn: The Stone Age (History) A United Kingdom (Geography)
Spring: Ancient Egyptians (History) The South West (Geography)
Summer: Ancient Greeks (History) Bristol over time (Geography)



We are looking forward to a fantastic year and thank you in advance for all the support you give to your child’s learning.


Below are a few websites where children can practise their times tables at home. In Year 4 they will have a statutory Multiplication Test Check (MTC) where they will have 6 seconds to answer times table calculations. 

(Remember to put on the 'Num Lock' button so that you can use the number keys in the bottom right corner of the keyboard to speed up your typing)  

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