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Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.

Year 3 Home Learning Offer

Week Three - we are coming for you!


Let's start with an enormous celebration for the brilliant work completed last week at home! Amazing! It has really brightened our day to see what you have been up to and to see you on TEAMS :-)


Please find your activities for the week below. Please let us know if we can support you in any way and, equally, message us with your success throughout the week!


Best wishes,

The Year 3 team

Week two - here we come!


Well done for all of your hard work last week. We think you are all amazing.


Below you will find activities for your week. We hope you have fun doing them!


Please keep in touch with us on Dojo as we love to hear how you are getting on. This week, the activities we would like submitted (via a photo on Dojo) are on the timetable with a pinky/red background. Remember to always use CUPS to check your writing in any and every subject :-) 


If you have any questions, please ask. We can get through this together smiley


Best wishes,

The Year 3 Team x


Hello Year 3!


We are very sad not to see all of your lovely faces in person this week. We hope you have had the most wonderful time over the Christmas holidays!


Below are the activities we would like you to complete at home for the next few days. Some sessions will be recorded videos, some will be live sessions and some will have written explanations. Please complete the English and Maths focus activity each day for the next few days.  Each day there will be a live session in the morning to say hi and have a chat and also a live session where we will read some story to you. See the timetable for timings. 


This is another crazy time but we will get through this together. Just try your best and know that we are on Dojo to help and support you all. Please do get in touch with us. 


We are sending you all lots of love and look forward to seeing you on our Teams meetings! 


With best wishes,

The Year 3 Team

Hello lovely Year 3 


Please find below some tasks the children can complete during the first 48 hours that school is closed. We hope they are easily accessible for you and that they are enjoyable too! 


Remember we have Bug Club as our reading resource and Times Table Rock Stars for the children to practise their times tables. 


Please complete the following activities:


Literacy - choose something from the following activities:

Egyptian reading comprehensions (see documents below)

Research an area of Egyptian Life - pyramids, Gods, mummification, daily life or hieroglyphs, Tutankhamun. BBC Bitesize is a useful website. 


Maths - please look at the addition and subtraction or the multiplication and division question booklet. We have focused on column addition and subtraction this year so please encourage and support your child to use this method.


Egyptians - factfile sheet and design Pharoah school. Use the topic knowledge organiser to learn facts. Perhaps you could also make a quiz based on what is on there.   


Art - Look at the artist Kandinsky and create your own Kandinsky inspired work.



Please do keep in touch with us over Dojo and let us know how you are getting on.


With best wishes, The Year 3 Team. 

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