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The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.

Well Being

5 ways to Well Being (wb 13th July)


Connect: Can you create a quiz that you can share with others? Perhaps you want to make a quiz about something you have recently learnt about or perhaps about one of your pets? You could then ask your neighbours, your friends or to someone over a Zoom call to answer the questions. How many things can you teach them?


Be active: On a hot day, see how many times you can walk up and down your garden with a cup of water on your head in 5 minutes. At the end, measure how much water you still had left (if any!) in your cup!  



Keep learning: Can you remember some of the things that you have been learning in the ‘Keep learning’ section this term? Can you remember what is was that you learnt off by heart? Did you learn some words in a new language that you can remember? Which capital cities did you learn? Going over things you have already learnt helps you to remember them for a long time J


Take notice:  Let’s go bird watching!


Be creative:  Draw a special picture of something you love. It could be a hobby, it could be an animal or it could be members of your family. Perhaps you want to take a photo instead and print it out? When your picture is complete turn it over. On the back, draw wavy lines across the page to make it into 10 sections or 5 sections (the more sections that harder it is!) and cut along the lines. You’ve now made your own jigsaw! Ask someone in your family to try and put the pieces back together to create the image on your picture.

Value of the Week ~ Please see the Visions and Values part of the website



Last Weeks Well Being (wb 6th July)


Connect: When you are eating your breakfast or your dinner, can you invite members of your family to share something exciting that happened that day or something they are looking forward to? Afterwards, can you remember what each of your family members said? How well were you listening?


Be active: Take part in your own sports day! Who can run the quickest from your drive to the lamppost? Who can balance a potato on a spoon whilst walking along? Perhaps you could use a pillow case and have a sack race?!


Keep learning: How many flags of the world can you recognise? Can you name 5? Can you name 10? Perhaps you could learn 5 new flags and their countries.


Take notice:  Weather Wizard! Become a human weather gauge! It's time to use yourself as a piece of weather equipment. Why not head outside to see and feel different weather conditions and translate that into how it makes them feel.


Be creative:  Do you have any spare potatoes? Perhaps you can ask an adult to help you do some potato painting. Cut a potato in half and carve a shape or design in the top of it. Dip it in your paint and be as creative as you like! We would love to see you designs.

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