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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.

Weekly Home Learning Plans: School Closure

It's the last week of term...


Can you believe it is the end of term already - the summer holidays start on Friday at 3pm.


Don't forget to still drop us a line on Dojo this week and tell us / show us what you have been up to.


This week, we have offered an alternative English section again - same level. 

Choose which ever you want.


Our topic in Egyptians this week is Inventions.

Week six

Don't forget the TTRS class challenge on Thursday.


Don't forget to drop us a line on Dojo and tell us what you have been up to.


This week, we have offered an alternative English section again - same level. 

Choose which ever you want.


Our topic in Egyptians this week is Transport.



Week five 

Don't forget the TTRS class challenge on Thursday.


We do hope you are all OK - don't forget to drop us a line on Dojo as we really enjoy hearing from you.


This week, we have offered an alternative English section again - same level. 

Choose which ever you want.


Our topic in Egyptians this week is Farming.


Mr Cook will be setting a School Values TASK - keep your eyes out :-)

Week four - WOW!


It is going so quickly yet so slowly at the same time.

We do hope you are all OK - don't forget to drop us a line on Dojo as we really enjoy hearing from you.


This week, we have offered an alternative English section again - same level, same outcomes just different input. Up to you which you choose or you can mix and match!


Our topic in Egyptians this week is Food and Drink.

Hello all you lovely year 3's out there.

How lovely to have met you all on Dojo this week - we had a lovely time hearing from you.

Please do send us work that you have been doing as it makes us smile :-)


This weeks work has been uploaded and contains an alternative English plan - check it out and choose the version you prefer - the outcome at the end of the week is the same.

I'm hoping you may find the spelling activities on the alternative plan fun and entertaining.


For Egyptians this week we will be look at 'Clothing and Fashion' do send us your creations!


Bye for now.

Mrs H, Mrs H and Mrs P



Hello Year 3


Brrrrrrr … hasn’t it gotten cold! We hope you are warm and staying alert and safe.


Below is the home learning for week beg Monday 8th June.


As you know your usual teachers are now busy in school so Mrs Hawker, Mrs Pillinger and Mrs Hardwidge will do their best to keep your learning fun and accessible.


We would love to hear from you on Class Dojo! Send us a brief line, or a photo – it is always lovely to hear from you and for us to put a face to a name!


Have a wonderful week. We look forward to working with you.


Any questions, give us a shout on Class Dojo :-)     


The stand in Year 3 Team J

Hello Year 3 and welcome to Term 6!


We hope you had a fantastic half term. The weather was glorious and we hope you got to see lots of the scarecrows around Nailsea. They were amazing! 


Below is the home learning for week beg Monday 1st June. You will see it looks a little different to previous weeks. 

Why has it changed? As the situation progresses with some year groups returning to school, all the schools in the LSP are working together to produce the home learning activities for their schools. The LSP has created a format where there is a broad curriculum coverage with something for everyone on it. As before, it is a pick and mix sheet where you select the activities with your child to complete in the week. There are loads of subjects with videos which is quite fun! Who knows, you may see some familiar faces on them in the next few weeks!


We would love to hear about your half term activities on Class Dojo! Did anyone see us on the National News? Mrs Powell's neighbour heard from their friend in Canada who saw us - how amazing is that?! Our school is awesome - it was great that lots of people can see it. 


Have a wonderful week. We are currently trying to build a rabbit run and by the size of it we will be homing half of the rabbits in Nailsea. Wish me luck! 


As always, any questions give us a shout on Class Dojo :-)      The Year 3 Team xxx


(The English sheets on the website are to support the activities in the videos so that the children don't have to jump between the video and the sheets online. It should make it easier for them to pause the video and then have the sheets in front of them.)

Hello wonderful Year 3!


What another glorious week it has been! We have loved seeing all the lovely things you have been up to on Class Dojo. Keep them coming!


Please find below the activities for Week 7 (does anyone else say 'seven' like Len Goodman used to on Strictly Come Dancing or is it just me?) As always, there is a wide variety of activities for you to 'pick and mix' as you wish. Please visit Bug Club for reading and Times Table Rock Stars for 'quick win' tasks each day and this week we have also included some links for exciting tasks you might like to try such as earning a Blue Peter badge (I always wanted one of those). 


We have included certain resources, such as White Rose, Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) and Bug Club to add to our suggested learning menu based on LSP recommendations; to ensure that all of our children receive equal access to experiences, learning opportunities and resources.


We look forward to seeing where your learning takes you this week on Class Dojo. Mrs H has also set up another TT Rock Stars 'battle' between the 2 classes on Thursday. Beech won last week - will they keep their crown or will Hawthorn take it this time?


Please get in contact if we can help in any way. 


With very best wishes,


The Year 3 Team 



Hello wonderful Year 3 families,

A little joke for you this week... Where do pencils come from?    Pennsylvania!


Week 6 home learning is coming your way below. Lots of Science and History included and remember to check out the Well being and P.E activities we have on our website here too. How is everyone getting on with Bug Club for reading?


Sending lots of positive vibes and well wishes to you all. You are doing brilliantly!


Much love,

The Year 3 Team 



Thursday 14th May - There is a TTRS challenge - class v. class set for 9 a.m. until 3.15 p.m. Good Luck :-)

Bonjour tout le monde!


How are we on Week 5 of Home Learning already? As always, parents I am sending you a massive high 5 for for all your efforts and support in your children's learning. I don't know about you but I am looking forward to a little more sunshine as although my plants loved the rain I'm not sure I did so much!


Please see below suggestions for learning this week. The awesome Egyptians continues (Its my favourite topic to teach!) and we have some activities linked to VE day and music too. 


There are daily Wellbeing activities and P.E. activities. Don't forget Bug Club and Whiterose maths too. (Please note that Whiterose are no longer posting the activity sheets and answers on their website. I have to download them and put them on our website instead.) 


I know lots of you have also enjoyed BBC bitesize too! (The Bitesize website has some activities and we have also discovered that iplayer has 20 minute TV shows which are fun to watch) 


Please check in with us once a week on Class Dojo so we know you are safe and well - we are not 'checking up' on you but continuing our duty of care during this distance learning. 


Please do get in touch with any questions or anything we can help with. 

Sending lots of love,

The Year 3 Team. 

Hello Year 3,


I hope you have had the most wonderful week and have enjoyed the sunshine. I can't believe it is so lovely!


Below are your learning activities for the Week beginning 27th April. As always, pick and choose the activities you would like your child to do at home. These are not things you have to do, these are suggestions. If your child has a particular interest in another topic, why not Google some activities linked to it?


This past week, BBC bitesize learning has put out new learning opportunities for children. 

Go to

and select Year 3/P4 and the lessons for the day will appear. There will be a mix of maths, literacy, geography, history and spag (spelling, punctuation and grammar) if this is something you want to check out.


Have a super week and please do contact us on Class Dojo if you have any questions or some learning you would like to share with us. We have loved seeing what you have been up to.


Let the fun begin!

The Year 3 Team xxx

Welcome back Year 3!


We hope you have had the most wonderful Easter break and made full use of the glorious sunshine. We are now in Term 5 and Week 3 of Home Learning. 


First of all, give yourselves an enormous 'pat on the back' as you have all worked so hard this far. Parents, I am in awe of your dedication and effort that you are going to in order to support your children's education. Thank you. Thank you so much. 


Below are the activities for the coming week. We have more guidance from the LSP on what we should offer. You will see for maths we are using Whiterose resources which offer a video to recap/learn the skill and then a sheet or activity to complete. (There is absolutely no need to print off the worksheet, you can simply write down the answers and then check at the end) For literacy, we would normally be starting The Egyptians (I LOVE this topic!) so we are researching and writing a non-chronological report. The children will know about non-chronological reports as that is the last thing we wrote in literacy for the Stone Age. 

The second page has a variety of topical activities on to try and do feel free to look back at previous activities if you still want something to do. 

Stay tuned for something exciting linked to reading coming very soon!


Please check out the internet safety guidance on the website as we are using this so much more nowadays. Even if you have read it before, please remind yourself again.


We look forward to hearing from you on Class Dojo. If you have any questions, please ask :-) 

We hope you have a great two weeks Easter Holiday. We have put together some Easter activities below. We are not suggesting that you complete these, but if you find yourselves stuck for something to do there are plenty of cheap or free ideas here to entertain the whole family! Easter Egg Fondue will hopefully become an annual tradition in your house! 🙂

Enjoy yourselves and Happy Easter from everyone here in Year 3  

Hannah More Infants and Grove Junior Schools are not responsible for the content of the websites listed.  Hannah More Infants and Grove Junior Schools accept no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted or contracted via any websites that may be listed on or accessed from hyperlinks on

Week Two learning at home

Hello lovely year 3 children and your superstar adults at home,

First of all, you are all amazing. 

Whatever you have achieved this week - I am so proud of you. You are doing a fantastic job!


I will be adding week 2 learning tasks today (Friday) in case you want to have a look over the weekend. There will be some structured tasks for those that want something everyday to do and some less structured or tasks to dip in and out of if that way of learning suits you better. I am also working on some different sections so that if you wanted to focus on a certain skill or subject then you can find activities linked to it. 


I am missing you all terribly and school is so empty without you. I have missed Wonderful Word Wednesday and doing Go Noodle with you! . I hope you have enjoyed the super weather! I have loved going out for a run and we have played lots of family cricket games. 


Keep smiling! We are going to get through this together.  


P.S. Please do not feel you have to do all of these activities or print anything out. We will all run out of ink if we do!  I just hope you feel there is something you can access and that will help you and your child. Its a bit of a learning curve for us all :-)  

Hello wonderful Year 3! We are so sad not to be seeing your faces this week.


Here are some activities to try at home. See how you get on. The most important thing is that you feel happy and safe. Your day doesn't necessarily need to be filled with all school tasks. Remember to be helpful around the house and learn some skills with your adults at home. You have all been really fantastic and we hope we will all be back together soon. 


Remember - You. Are. Awesome.


Love the Year 3 team 

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