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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.

Weekly Home Learning Plans: School Closure

Hello Year 6 and welcome to Term 6!


We hope you had a fantastic half term. The weather was glorious and we hope you got to see lots of the scarecrows around Nailsea. They were amazing! 


Below is the home learning for week beginning Monday 1st June. You will see it looks a little different to previous weeks. 


Why has it changed? As the situation progresses with some year groups returning to school, all the schools in the LSP are working together to produce the home learning activities for their schools. The LSP has created a format where there is a broad curriculum coverage with something for everyone on it. As before, it is a pick and mix sheet where you select the activities with your child to complete in the week. There are loads of subjects with videos which is quite fun! Who knows, you may see some familiar faces on them in the next few weeks!

Term 6 Week One Home Learning Weekly Plan

5 ways to Well-being.


Why not have a go at one of these tasks each day? 

Remember, if you want more activities or guidance head to our Well-being page on our school website


Connect:  Notice and appreciate when someone does something kind or helps you. Thank them in a special way. You might make them a card or write them a note or if they are in your family you might give them a special hug and say “Thank you for....” (Remember to say what they did for you that was special or meant so much to you!)


Be active: Set yourself a challenge e.g how many “keepie uppies” you can do in 1 min or how many skips you can do without stopping or how many basket ball hoops you can score in a row. Can you improve that score from the start of the week? 

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Keep learning:  Can you learn Something off by heart? It could be a poem? A rhyme to help you remember how to wash your hands properly? A times table you are finding tricky? Something that could help you remember something important! 


Take notice: Listen to a piece of music or a song that you really enjoy. Listen to it a couple of times.  How does it make you feel? Why do you like it? How would you recommend this to a friend?


Be creative: ‚ÄčDesign a handwash bottle and label that would encourage people to use the soap to wash their hands. What would it smell like? What colour would the bottle be? What would be your selling point? E.g it has glitter in it? It is bright red so that you can see where the soap has touched your hands before you wash it off? Let your imagination run wild!

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