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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.


Science - The Whiteoak Way

'The important thing is to never stop questioning.'

Albert Einstein


At the Whiteoak Academies, we aim to provide children with a high-quality Science education that lays a strong foundation for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.


Through our Science curriculum, we aim to ensure that all children in our family of schools are able to:

  • Make decisions about the uses and value of scientific work and achievements;
  • Develop an understanding and respect for the natural world;
  • Question, hypothesise, test and discover for themselves about our world;
  • Investigate and explore the world around them.


In order to help provide our children with a curriculum designed to ensure a progression of understanding, skills and knowledge, we seek to ensure that our children are taught a variety of approaches to answer different scientific questions. By the end of their primary education, we aim for our children to be equipped to make informed decisions about the natural world, new technologies, their health and the scientific opportunities around them. Indeed, through scientific enquiry and our curriculum, we strive to nurture and provide our children with a broad range of experiences that inspires them to be curious, explore new opportunities and possibilities and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. 


Our Aims for Science


At the Whiteoak Academies, we have developed our own curriculum to help ensure that each and every child thrives by becoming:


  • Knowledgeable & Curious
  • Respectful & Compassionate
  • Independent & Fulfilled


In support of our curriculum vision and aims, we have crafted our own Whiteoak Way for Science which is carefully and thoughtfully planned to inspire curiosity and fascination about the world around us that we hope will remain with our children for the rest of their lives.


As a family of schools, we aim to ensure:


  • There are opportunities to inspire children’s curiosity and excitement about the world around them.
  • A varied and engaging Science curriculum is planned, providing children with the opportunity to explore and investigate the world around them, both generating and exploring enquiry questions.
  • Substantive and disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary are well planned and mapped to help ensure our children know more, remember more and are able to do more as they progress through our family of schools. 
  • Children have access to quality reading material to complement their scientific learning, enabling and inspiring them to ‘read like a scientist’.
  • Children produce a wide range of high-quality outcomes that help them develop their scientific knowledge and understanding.



Our Science curriculum has also been designed and developed using the National Curriculum which aims to ensure that all pupils:


  • Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
  • Are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

Lighthouse Schools Partnership - Science Intent Statement

Science in the National Curriculum

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