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The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.

School Council

Student Council Blog!


Student council have been busy planning activities and competitions for the pupils of The Whiteoak Academies to participate in. Before half term, Student council, House captains and Eco warriors headed up to the field to plant a platinum jubilee flower meadow in honour of the Queens 70 years of reigning The United Kingdom. Not only have we planted a mini meadow up on the field we also have been doing a road safety banner competition. The 2 (one from Hannah More and the other Grove) winning banners will be put up outside of the school to warn drivers passing by. The student council voted for the banners on the 27th April. We had many entries from both Hannah More and Grove and everyone liked the amazing banners and it was very hard to pick because they were all so brilliant. Our favourites were the bold, bright and clear banners that gave a good message to everyone. Currently Mr Cook is deciding the two winners to be revealed starting on the 2nd of May next week. 

Student Council - Sophie & Sam

The Great Whiteoak Bake Off 2022 was a great success! We had over 80 entries across the schools and loved looking at all the entries. We selected winners for Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 and for the most creative. We have lots of talented bakers here!

New House Team Names


We have 4 House Teams at the Whiteoak Academies. 


This year, we are selecting new names for them. The process has been quite lengthy as the School Council collected initial ideas for topics which were then whittled down to two choices: Local Area and School Values. The decision was made to then go back to our classes and ask them to vote for which theme they would prefer.


The winner was to choose team names linked to our Local Area. We want our House Team names to mean something to us.


The student councillors then went back to their classes and asked for suggestions for names linked to our local area. We had quite a few to choose from!


Stay tuned as we will reveal our new House Team names very soon!

At Christmas, we completed the task of selecting the winners of the Christmas Raffle for school!

We loved judging the competition to decorate a satsuma around Halloween time. Some of the entries were so creative. Well done to our winners!

A very warm welcome from our Student Council! We have been voted by our class peers to be the voice for our classes and help make decisions for our school that affect us. We represent classes from years 1 to 6 and can't wait to get started!

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