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Read like a scientist

Thanks to our supportive parents and the wonderful WOWSA team, we have been able to order fantastic new STEM resources this year.  These include fantastic new data-logging equipment, human body tabards and other practical resources to enrich the science curriculum.

In addition, each class now has designated box of books that have been chosen specifically to support and enhance Science learning and inspire our children to learn more about what a scientist does. 

Below, you can see some of the books that children throughout our family of schools have enjoyed and some of the exciting facts that they have been learning from their reading. 




Bethany - "An engineer is someone who makes and fixes things!"

George - "I know that a centipede has more than 30 legs because I counted them and they go right off the page!"



Seb - "We love the books with flaps! This one has multiple layers - it's like a book within a book!"

Bobby - "I like the body pages because they tell me what's inside me!"






Louis - "When you read about science, you learn about the world."

"I think it's cool that you can see through some materials!"




Chloe - "We love 'Creature Features'! Did you know - a giant squid has got the biggest eye and an African elephant has the longest nose?"

Oscar - "Porcupines have armour! It keeps them safe, just like a crab's shell keeps it safe. It protects them from predators."




Daisy - "My favourite is 'The variety of life'. It's fun to read about all of the different things we have on Earth."

Abigal - "There are lots of different things in it, like different penguins. I wouldn't even have known that some of them existed! I didn't know there were little blue penguins."



Nathan - "I'm reading 'Kay's Anatomy'. I really like the funny pictures like the veins with the blood rushing around. Did you know that the heart beats 3.5 billion times in a person's lifetime?"

Airlie - "I've found out about Jane Goodall. I liked learning about her at different ages. She was successful even though when she was younger she struggled with money. The book showed me that different people have different ways of communicating with animals."



Cam - "I like being able to choose Science books as well as fiction books as that's what I like to read. We all love the Periodic Table lift the flap book. The illustrations are so funny and interactive. I'm going to buy it with my birthday money!"

Annabelle - "The Periodic Table book keeps you interested and it's educational. My friend and I have made a game where we quiz each other on this page."

Oak and Spruce

Cydney - "My favourite is 'Hidden Figures' as it's about black women and their rights as well as being about Space."

Blake - "I really like 'Horrible Science Chemical Chaos'. It's comical and funny but it's also interesting and you can learn. I also like challenging myself with the trivia in the 'Space quiz book'. There's lots in there I didn't know so I can learn too!"