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The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.
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Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Planting dreams. Nurturing hearts. Growing minds.

Beech Class Page

Welcome to our class page!


Welcome to Beech class! We are a very friendly bunch who support, grow and laugh together.


Mrs Shattock will be greeting you with a smile on a Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Powell always loves a 'Go Noodle' on Wednesday, Thursday and, of course, fab fun Fridays.



A little break down of our week...


Spelling tests are given out and tested.

Home read sheets are returned and new ones given out. (If your sheet has gone walkabouts, please see below and print one off at home laugh)



Indoor PE this term is Basketball. Michael Jordan eat your heart out. 



Outdoor PE this term is rounders. 

‘Diamond challenge’ times tables are tested on a Friday. 40 questions in 5 minutes.


Mrs Powell covers PPA every other Tuesday afternoon and every Thursday. Mrs Powell loves singing, stories and smiling. 


You might also see Mrs Hawker in our classroom who loves nothing more than helping us grow.



Recording reading at home

To complete our Ancient Egyptian topic we have enjoyed making Canopic Jars! Who knew we could recycle a Pringles tube in to such a work of art. We wrote messages in hieroglyphics on the front of the jars and made animals heads for the lid. The Egyptians have really fascinated us!

We have loved reading 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' and have laughed so much together! What a great adventure story about friendship, discovery and lots of dragon poop!

Although our Christmas celebrations may be scaled back this year, there is still a festive spirit in our classroom and around the school. The cheeky elf in the kitchen makes me smile every time I walk past!

Last week we talked about unkind words and how they can make us feel. We took a heart and decorated it. We then said unkind things to the heart and every time we did we had to fold the heart until we could fold it no more. We spoke about how we say sorry when we’ve said something unkind and every time we said sorry we could then unfold the heart. Did the heart return to its lovely, flat and shiny condition as before? No, sadly it didn’t. We spoke about how people can feel like this too and how our words can have an impact on others. Before you speak, think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart. Later, We then completed a task where we had to give compliments and say lovely things about each other. Five different people wrote on our sheets and said something kind to us. We spoke about how reading them made us feel afterwards. The children said it made them feel special, loved, happy and in a joyful bubble - to name a few 🥰

To finish our writing on The First Drawing we retold part of the story. Here, Beech Class are reading through and checking their spellings and features such as noun phrases, direct speech and fronted adverbials. We then read our writing to our partner to share our wonderful work!

We loved making colour wheel spinners in Science!

The Promise Earth Day Event. We loved planting our acorns and thinking about our promise to the world to look after reading ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies

Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day. The children used an image for inspiration and chose colours or pencil or create their piece.

Congratulations to these two superstars who have been voted as our School Counsellors for Beech class this year. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward and were so brave to speak in front of the class. We are very lucky to have so many creative and thoughtful ideas in Beech class.

Half term Extreme Reading Challenge! Over half term we challenged the class to find the craziest place to read their book. We want to keep the profile of reading as high :-) They did so well!

I love building displays as our class learning grows. Don't get me wrong, the new brown paper backing was lovely, but I love this display on Keeping Healthy. It grew with the children's knowledge and their questions helped the learning take shape. The children even named the skeleton model we had in class!

What are Beech class reading? We can see what eachother is reading on our display and enjoy sharing our books. We are starting to make a border out of the finished Stone Age reading challenges too!

Our class chain is full and we are so happy! Beech class have worked so hard to earn a class treat!

Beech class clapped when we finished our class novel this week. Tilly and the Time Machine has gripped us everyday for the past month and brought us so much laughter and joy. The children would ask when we were going to read it each day as they couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! We wrote book reviews to recommend it to other children...or adults! If you wanted to read another book by Adrian Edmondson check out ‘’Junkyard Jack and the talking horse’. One member of Beech has read it in a week and said it is great!

Go Noodle! We do love a Go Noodle! Sometimes we dance, sometimes we stretch, sometimes we breathe, sometimes we call and repeat.

This week we have been taking part in the Reading is Magic festival! We have enjoyed listening to Supertato, hearing poems by Joseph Coelho and today we listened to a chat by Cressida Cowell who shared some of her top tips for writing stories. One of the things she said was that her teacher in Year 3 gave her 15 minutes each week where she could write any story she wanted. Her teacher wouldn’t mark it or look at it. It was just time to write. So today we had a go at 15 minutes of pure story writing! What a joy it was to be in the classroom with them. We also illustrated our stories as we were so proud of our creations. Cressida says that sometimes she starts he stories by drawing a map or a picture so some children explored that.

National poetry day! We loved listening and watching some videos of Joseph Coelho performing his poetry today. His poem ‘Hamster Hamster’ made a giggle and his poem ‘If all the world were paper’ created some wonderful images in our head. We spoke about how super readers visualise things in their mind when words are read or spoken. It was very thought provoking! One member of Beech class also created his own poem whilst brushing his teeth so we used this as our handwriting practise today. What amazing work!

Our outdoor PE this term is tennis. We have enjoyed playing a game - 'Mouse on the House'. Here we have to keep the mouse on the house, bounce the mouse and trap the mouse! We have discovered it takes a lot of concentration to control the ball but we will keep building our skills to help.

Our new literacy learning centres around this great book - 'Stone Age Boy' By the end of this unit of work we will be writing an informal letter to a friend as the Stone Age Boy. This week we have looked at using conjunctions to extend our sentences and how fronted adverbials can tell us where? when? or how? something happened. We made up our own song to remind us of different fronted adverbials!

Our new class novel is 'Tilly and the Time Machine' by Adrian Edmondson. We are reading a little bit everyday and spending time each week summarising what we have read and predicting what might happen next. We had a wonderful conversation the other day about how in Tilly and the Time Machine there are no titles to each chapter. In comparison, Mr Majeika had a title for each chapter and therefore gave us an idea of what might happen. We discussed whether we prefered knowing a little bit about the chapter or not.

'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We spent our first couple of weeks of term basing our learning around this lovely book. To think about our planet we wrote out the poem 'Mother Earth' in our neatest handwriting to have a 'wow' factor when we open our writing books.

You are always welcome in Beech Class. We all play a part in our class jigsaw.

We loved listening to the story of Mr Majeika at the start of term! Sometimes we didn't want to put the book down! It has been lovely to see some of the children choosing to read other Mr Majeika books from our class library either to read at home or in our DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). We also spent time sharing the books we are currently reading and talking about what we have enjoyed about the book

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