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The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.
Home Page The Whiteoak Academies of
Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors.
Growing and learning together. Aspiring to excellence.

Beech Class Page

Welcome to our class page!


Welcome to Beech class.  

The class teachers are Mrs Griffiths (Mon,Tues) and Miss Powell (Wed, Thurs, Fri)



Spelling tests are given out and tested each Monday.

We do our Times table Diamond Challenge test on Thursdays.



Our indoor PE day is on a Wednesday afternoon

Outdoor PE is on a Friday afternoon.  


Congratulations to these amazing pupils who completed the Stone Age Reading Challenge! They read - what's your superpower?

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken! Thank you Mrs Worsley and Dragonflies for letting us have a look and a hold of the beautiful chicks. It was a wonderful experience!

Skipping! We practised our skipping technique in P.E. this week. We tried to concentrate on where our arms moved from (the side and not from our shoulders) and to also think about our feet jumping up together at the same time (instead of one foot and then the other foot). We had sooo much fun trying to skip in partners and we even had a go with the big skipping rope at the end to jump in partners. There was smiles all over the place! Also super proud of those children who didn't give up and kept trying to improve - everyone made progress :-)

These awesome children had 100% attendance!

Melting snowmen!

Fun Friday became Christmas Craft Friday last week as we got in to the festive spirit with some fantastic craft activities. A huge thank you to the adults who kindly gave up their morning to come in and help! We had so much fun and produced some really effective pieces. It was great to see all the teamwork, sharing and support for each other as you looked around the classroom. Definitely a highlight of the year so far!

Times Table Rock Stars! Everyone has been given their passwords to take home. Well done to all the children who could remember theirs! The times tables have been set. Please do come and speak to us if you are having problems logging in. It is such an amazing app for quick times table practise!

To conclude our learning about Pirates we each wrote a pirate adventure story! We loved writing these and were delighted to share them with our buddy class on Friday afternoon!

Congratulations to all the children that completed our Pirate Reading Challenge! Well done to our runners up and winners of our two prizes. Most improved and most reads completed during the challenge! Keep reading and we look forward to our next reading challenge in January!

Kindness - we have been thinking about Kindness a lot recently. I love hearing the children talk about times when they have seen or received kindness. One of our activities was to talk about our words and how sometimes we need to think before we speak because our words can be hurtful. We made a mobile of wrinkled hearts by each taking a paper heart and saying unkind things to it. Every time we spoke we folded it over. Afterwards we apologised and tried to put the heart back to how it was originally. Sadly, the creases and wrinkles still showed. We also drew around our hands and thought about different ways we can be kind. I was very impressed to hear one child say that he will help his dad to get the washing right! Look out around school for our kindness hands soon!

Who can make the longest line of coins? Beech class showed such teamwork this morning when we made our lines of coins! I honestly couldn't believe we had so many coins! It was wonderful to see them communicating so nicely and working towards their shared goal. We measured carefully and then used column addition to calculate that our coins measured 44 metres and 20 cm!! WOW! What a fantastic effort. Thank you to everyone for bringing in their coins - how kind that some children emptied their piggy banks to bring in all they could.

We love our meeting up with our buddy class! Shall we waltz anyone?

Last week we attended a wonderful assembly about the Lunch Bowl charity which we support in school. We looked at photos of how children live - the one mattress they share between 5 of them and the one toilet with a lock which they share between 1000 people. We then were told how the money we raise goes to help build facilities for children out there to go to school and where they are fed a hot meal or two. It was truly amazing to see the children's faces - both on the screen and the children watching. It really brought to life what a difference we can make.

Our Pirate Reading Challenge is proving a great success! Well done to those who have completed it so far! Keep up the brilliant reading!

Bonjour! Ca va? We are working hard to learn our French phrases. We can say the register in French now too!

Friendship Friday! Hearing from our peers about the things they like about our personalities. So many smiles during this activity.

This week we learnt about subordinate clauses! They are super special for 3 reasons - can anyone remember what those reasons are?

Some of Beech class this week played 'Be the Teacher'!

With quite a few Harry Potter fans in the class, our yoga this week was HP inspired! We listened to a shortened version of the story and the video showed us how to act it out using yoga moves. It was great fun!

Meeting our buddies! Our buddy class are Dragonflies reception class. We enjoyed an outside Golden Time with them to say hello. We look forward to more activities with them throughout the year.

The Dot by Peter Reynolds. We loved reading this book and thinking about having a Growth Mindset. We can all achieve things if we keep practising, believe we can and don't give up! We explored the idea of a dot and have made a display in the hall by the reading books and also in our classroom!

Each class has voted for the children they would like to represent them for School Council, Eco Warriors and Sports Crew. The children all had to do a speech to say why they would be good in the role and then voted on who we thought would do the best job. Well done to everyone who put themselves forward!

Oh dear! The jigsaws we were sorting for Mrs Worsley got dropped on the floor! What can we do? "I can sort them for you" said Alfie. How kind! "I can help him!" "And me!" What a brilliant team we are in Beech class. Everyone was so kind and shared out the jobs and the jigsaws until they were all sorted. We then reported back to Mrs Worsely which jigsaws were complete and which had pieces missing. Smiles all round!

Welcome to Beech Class where you will always be greeted with a smile!

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