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Who's Who

Federation Joint Staff


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Kay Church - Headteacher

Mrs Harris - Deputy Head of Hannah More

Miss Akers - Deputy Head of Grove


Joint Office Team


Mrs Jane Kington - Federation Business Manager


Administration & Reception Team

Mrs Fiona Hague

Mrs Mel Kibby

Mrs Geraldine Smith

Mrs Liz Wines



Mr Dan Hawker


Hannah More Infant School


Come and meet the staff at our school!


Teaching Staff

Mrs Jewell -Puffins (Reception)

Mrs Harris & Mrs Worsley - Squirrels (Reception)

Mrs Wakeham - Owls (Year 1)

Miss Mellor - Honeybees (Year 1)

Mrs Attwood & Miss Flemming - Robins (Year 2)

Mrs Barrett(Assistant Head) - Otters (Year 2)

Miss Flemming - PPA



Classroom Support Staff


Mrs Byford

Mrs Sparrow

Mrs Ashworth

Mrs Conley

Mrs Mobbs

Miss Wardle

Mrs Hall

Mrs Martin

Mrs Weston

Mrs Partridge

Miss Skrine

Miss Metters





Mrs Bennett

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Turner

Miss Webb

Mrs White




Grove Junior School


Come and meet the staff at our school!


Teaching Staff

  • Mr Bates            Elm
  • Miss Bridson      Sycamore
  • Mrs Davidson     Beech
  • Miss Fiore          Maple
  • Mrs McClive       Maple
  • Mrs Murray        SENCO/PPA
  • Mr Needs            Juniper
  • Miss Powell         Beech
  • Mr Thomas         Pine
  • Miss Tutcher      Ash
  • Mrs Shattock     Silverbirch
  • Miss Young         Whitebeam


Classroom Support Staff

  • Mrs Arthur (HLTA)
  • Mrs Powell ( HLTA)
  • Mrs Bolton
  • Mrs Brock
  • Mrs Butt
  • Mrs Foot
  • Mrs Hanley
  • Mrs Hawker
  • Mrs Howe
  • Miss Metters
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Williams




  • Mrs Farrer
  • Mrs Green
  • Mrs Higgins
  • Mrs Howes
  • Mrs Kerkin
  • Mrs Rowe
  • Miss Youde